Peyton Manning Released by Colts


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After 14 long years with the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning will be released. Irsay notified Peyton today that they will be releasing him on Monday, and they (Manning and Irsay) will hold a joint press conference tomorrow (Wednesday). I'm sure everyone saw this coming anyways, but now it can be marked up as official.

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Can't say I'm surprised.. It's sad, but how else could it go down really.. too bad, but good luck Peyton, and to Irsay.. now you better freakin draft mr Luck from Stanford! :LOL:
I'm thinking you're right about Luck. I feel like, as much as I don't want it to happen, that Peyton will be joining the Skins. I REALLY don't want the Cowboys to have to play Peyton twice a year.
Well I want him to go anywhere but the Dolphins. He goes to the Dolphins and I'm screwed. As a Jets fan in South Florida, I already hate my life.
I agree with you about the Redskins, as much as I like to watch "The Manning Bowl", I don't want to see it twice a year.
I honestly think Miami is the front runner right now.. but who knows..

That press conference was rough for a Peyton fan :(