Football Boxbreakers 2020 Legacy Football Case Group Break - COMPLETE


Congrats to Rareluck on the Mahomes Gold Auto redemption. Not a ton of other highlights but I recapped at the end. Here are the randoms from the hits from unclaimed teams and point;

Derrick Brown Auto - Po10sho
Yetur Gross-Matos Auto - KPit1978
Jared Pinkney Auto - DenverSJB
400 Points - Crpalmi
250 Points - Dvashun

Cards should be out shortly and thanks again all for kicking in the extra at the end to get to budget. I'll start looking for a good future release but if you have suggestions I am open to them!


Prizm is coming out soon. There is also certified, absolute, and the aforementioned pricey mosaic. Illusions, XR, and Phoenix also come out soon.


I'd love to do Prizm but the pricing is insane at $900 per box or something crazy like that along with Mosaic. I like Phoenix as an alternative and the release date in late October should be good timing... would folks be up for a Phoenix 8 box case? I'm going to post it and we can give feedback in that thread.