Football Boxbreakers 2020 Legacy Football Case Group Break - COMPLETE

Updated draft list;

On the clock:

Draft Order;
1. KPit1978 - Washington
2. Dvashun - Vikings
3. Crpalmi - Giants
4. DenverSJB - Rams
5. KPit1978 - Cardinals
6. Yzerisdaman - Seahawks
7. Crpalmi - Bears
8. Dvashun - Titans

Available Teams;
Atlanta Falcons -
Carolina Panthers -
Jacksonville Jaguars -
New York Jets -
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Case has arrived. I am still waiting on some payments but I think we are good to break so it is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) at 8pm(ct) and I will post a link in this thread shortly before. Good luck all!
Just a reminder that with college based products the card goes to the nfl team listed on the card or if only college team is listed rookies go to their current team and retired vets go to the team they were with the longest. Break is set for 8pm so good luck all!
Stream should go live at 7:55pm(ct). When it does if you are in and can hear and see me please let me know so we can move forward. See you in 1 hour!