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Trading Card Values


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One of the most popular questions asked among collectors is "what's the value of my trading cards" or "how much are my trading cards worth". There are several ways to find out what your trading cards are worth from online price guides to monthly magazines to auction sites. We'll talk about the most popular ways to find the value of your trading cards.

Auction Sites

One of the most accurate methods for finding the values of your trading cards is by looking at what they're selling for "right now". Everything is only worth however much someone else is willing to pay for it.

Obviously, the most popular auction site for looking up trading card prices is eBay. As a registered member, you can even search ended auctions so you can view the closing prices.

Online Price Guides (OPG)

Online price guides offer a quick, easy, and sometimes free method of finding the "value" of your trading cards. It's only my opinion, but these kinds of price guides should only be looked at as a guide, such as for trading. It's fairly rare that these price guides match up with the market's actual value on a card.

The most popular one you'll hear about is the Beckett OPG. There is a small charge to use this OPG, but it's most definitely the most used among all the others.

Another OPG is the Tuff Stuff price guide. At the time of this writing you can get values of your trading cards free from this price guide. Not only does this price guide offer values on your trading cards, but they also offer values on some collectibles.

Monthly Magazines

Magazines are another method for finding the value of your trading cards. Again, the most popular one you'll encounter is the Beckett Monthly Magazine followed closely behind by the Tuff Stuff Magazine.

Ask Around

Another accurate way of finding out how much your trading cards are worth is by asking other collectors.

A quick way to find other collectors to help you find the value of your trading cards is to ask them right here in our What's It Worth forum. Other members of this site will help you find the value of almost any of your trading cards.
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Mr. Baseball
Nice article. I have always subscribed to Beckett OGP and this is probably the most trusted way to find the market value, but the fact is that the cards are worth what ever you can get for them. If selling cards online then you can probably expect about 50 to 60 percent of the actual value unless they are graded. I have many cards that have little value in beckett but that I would not sell at any price and that is why I love to collect.