Football Boxbreakers 2020 Legacy Football Case Group Break - COMPLETE

Thanks guys, I will send an email out to get to some of the others in the break but I will propose collecting the additional funds to make the Legacy break happen. If it's a deal breaker for anyone we may have to review again. Hopefully we can confirm enough that I can buy the case this weekend.
Consensus is definitely option 1 so if you can send the $18 per slot and $4 per draft slot I will be able to order the case this weekend. Sorry again about the ask for extra as I've never had to do that before.
Ok guys, case has been ordered so we are on for later next week. Depending on shipment we will break either Thursday or Friday night.
Ok, time to start the draft of extra teams. List has been randomized and we may begin immediately;

On the clock: DenverSJB
On-deck: KPit1978

Draft Order;
1. KPit1978 - Washington
2. Dvashun - Vikings
3. Crpalmi - Giants
4. DenverSJB
5. KPit1978
6. Yzerisdaman
7. Crpalmi
8. Dvashun

Available Teams;
Arizona Cardinals -
Atlanta Falcons -
Carolina Panthers -
Chicago Bears -
Jacksonville Jaguars -
New York Jets -
St. Louis Rams -
Seattle Seahawks -
Tennessee Titans -
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