Boxbreakers 2020 Prizm Blaster Football Case Group Break - COMPLETE

Just one more payment but haven’t heard from Pavi other than the comment on the thread that he is in. Hope to draft soon.
Heads up to everyone, after this break I’m going to drop the Raiders contingent on being able to claim the Panthers.
I’ll pick up the last draft slot and putting in a claim on the packers if Pavi has to back out of this break.
Thanks, added the draft slot for you and if I can't get a hold of Pavi by break time tomorrow night you can have the Packers. No need to send payment until you know if you get them. I'll get the draft going now.
Ok guys, the draft order has been randomized and we can begin immediately. Our goal is to wrap this up so we can break tomorrow night. Proxy lists are welcome.

On the clock: Sportscloset12
On-deck: Dvashun

Draft Order;
1. Sportscloset12 - 49ers
2. Dvashun - Rams
3. NYMetsJets - Ravens
4. KPit1978 - Seahawks
5. KPit1978 - Cardinals
6. Yzerisdaman - Giants
7. Dvashun - Bears
8. Crpalmi - Titans
9. Sportscloset12 - Panthers
10. Dvashun - Falcons

Available Teams;
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Quick update that Pavi got my message and has sent payment for the Packers. Dvashun you just need $30 for the draft slot. Thanks!!
Shoot so sorry for the hold up. Hadn’t checked thread in a couple days and didn’t check my personal emails during day today.

I’ll go with the ravens.
List updated and Dvashun is on the clock. If we can get the next 4 picks done in an hour we can break at 8pm(ct) but otherwise we will need to hold off until tomorrow evening.