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Got a few packages in today. The first was from @Cool_Hand_Flash as part of the Pay it Forward.

That package had 4 boxes of spunk (the good ones, not the black ones). There were also these 2 cards in there.

Tony Parker - This one actually used to be mine but I stupidly sent it off in a chain package one time. Mark grabbed it and now he's decided to send it back. :D Thanks, Mark!

Tony Romo

The next package was my group break haul from @Batman1641's football break. I think the Terrance Williams was a freebie from him because I don't remember seeing it in the break. Either way, thanks for the package Mike!

Gavin Escobar /299

Terrance Williams /99


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
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That package had 4 boxes of spunk (the good ones, not the black ones).
Uhm.. that reads terribly terribly wrong Mike lol and no problem :) the Romo was from Bats once actually, and like you said the TP was from the Take a Card, Leave a Card thing.. so.. :p

And I dont remember that T-Will either! Sweet :D


Was still an expensive product for its day, I remember buying packs one at a time until hitting an auto. Condition sensitive set too, ink looks pretty good on it.


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This isn't a biggie, but it is the first non-Tony Parker autograph that I actually traded for, as far as I can remember. I had a card another guy needed for his PC, on another site unfortunately, but I wanted to help him out anyways. He didn't have any cards that I needed for my PC, so I just browsed around looking for something that I thought was "neat". This is definitely not the "neat"est card I found, but seeing as how I'm close to OKC and am slightly fond of their team (until they're playing the Spurs, that is), I decided to go with this one.

Here is what I got:

2012-13 Limited Masterful Marks Serge Ibaka Autograph 159/199

I would like to point out the fact that his autograph is absolutely horrible, but what do you do. :unsure: