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TP9 | VC15
91 (100%)
I got this mail day earlier in the week but just now had time, and remembered, to get pictures of them. These were both picked up in a single trade.

First up is a 1998 Upper Deck Encore #146 Vince Carter Game-Dated PSA 8. This is my first PSA 8, but likely won't be my last. I was always afraid they'd look too bad to be a part of my PC, but this one looks pretty dang good. Hopefully they're all like this one because I'm sure there will be others.


Next up is a 1998-99 Upper Deck #316 Vince Carter BGS 8.5. Much like the PSA 8, this is my first at this grade. Also, like the PSA 8, there will be others! I'm completely happy with the way this card looks. The only bad thing is that the case on this one was broken during shipping. You can see the little piece missing in the top left corner. It's not too bad. The trader offered to make it up to me, but I told him it was no big deal. I'll likely send it in to be re-slabbed at some point, but for now it's fine.