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TP9 | VC15
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I'll keep this topic updated with all my latest mail days from group breaks, or at least the decent ones. If a picture is missing, it's most likely because that card has been traded.

I'll start it off with one that I got in just today. I wasn't really expecting much in a 1 box break, especially having the Ravens, but it paid off anyways.


Ray Rice GU Prime /50
Well, I got the Bills in a 1 box break of Limited and, somehow, got a hit from them. Not the greatest player, in my opinion, but it is numbered /25. It certainly could have been worse.


Steve Johnson GU /25
Sweeeet Stevie J! :D its just annoying how insanely obvious it is, that there's an auto version in the product too :glare:
Nice card, if he would settle down with his antics a little bit he could have a really good career.
You mean they left out my sticker!?!

Well.. yes and no.. its the patch version, but they left a nice giant chunk of room for the sticker for the patch/auto version. I find it lazy by the companies that they don't center the patch for the gu version, and just leave that huge piece of nothing taking up a third of the card :(

Sweet Miles :)
Here's one that I picked up in a raffle. The spots were $3 each and I bought 2. This was the first raffle I joined that night, and I decided not to join any more after I won this one. So, this card cost me $6 including shipping!


Steve Young GU /50
Nothing good lately, so I'll just post the best from the past month. I've never been a fan of sticker autos. They're just too impersonal. However, I do like the way Topps did the stickers in this set.

Dwayne Harris Auto
Been a while since I've been able to post an update to this thread, but I got one in today that I feel like is worthy of being shown off (at least until Tebow takes his job). :LOL:

I got this one from a group break I was in, where the Jets were my drafted team. It's numbered /15!