TCZ Showdown: Bad Hair Day

Who has the worst hair?

  • franklinguy52's Brian Wilson

    Votes: 2 66.7%
  • otis' John Gianelli

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Cool_Hand_Flash's Dave Christian

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


TP9 | VC15
5.00 star(s)
This week's Trading Card Zone Showdown category is Bad Hair Day.


Best card of a person having a terrible hair day.

What is the Trading Card Zone Showdown?

The TCZ Showdown is a fun thing we'll do every week to give members a chance to submit some of their strange cards they normally may never display. Each week we'll post a new category and a poll for the members to vote on the previous week's entries. There won't be any prizes given out, for now.


  • Cards must be of actual people, without dress/make-up, unless the category requests it.
  • Each member can enter a max of 2 entries.
  • Post your entries directly into this thread.


franklinguy52's Brian Wilson

otis' John Gianelli

Cool_Hand_Flash's Dave Christian

If you have any category ideas, please PM me a category title (no more than 40 characters) and a brief description of your category.
This was a tough category, couldn't find anything somewhat worthy. I'm just going in for fun. Found Henry Bibby with an afro and a receding hairline and Tom Owens from the Blazers that looked like someone from the Rocky Horror Show but I felt John Gianelli would be a better entry.

We're going to leave this one open for a little longer to see if we can get some more entries.
I just wanted to bump this topic again. We've added a few new members to the site this week who might not have seen the topic. This one will end on Sunday, with or without any new submissions. We need to get on to the next showdown. If anyone still wants to sift through their boxes, there are just a few days left before this one is a wrap.
Thanks to everyone who entered. I'll post the poll and the new showdown at some point this evening.
The poll has been posted. Even though he might think it's a great style, and if it were a little shorter it probably would be in style, Brian Wilson gets my vote here. It reminds me of a commercial, I think for hair gel, where a guy dives off a rock and comes up with fish on his head that his hair stabbed through on his plunge into the water.