TCZ Showdown: Funny Faces

Who has the funniest face?

  • Cool_Hand_Flash's Shaq

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  • Mike's Bradie James

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  • otis's Oscar Azocar

    Votes: 3 100.0%

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TP9 | VC15
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This week's Trading Card Zone Showdown category is Funny Faces.


Show the card of a player with the funniest face.

What is the Trading Card Zone Showdown?

The TCZ Showdown is a fun thing we'll do every week to give members a chance to submit some of their strange cards they normally may never display. Each week we'll post a new category and a poll for the members to vote on the previous week's entries. There won't be any prizes given out, for now.


  • Cards must be of actual people, without dress/make-up, unless the category requests it.
  • Each member can enter a max of 2 entries.
  • Post your entries directly into this thread.

If you have any category ideas, please PM me a category title (no more than 40 characters) and a brief description of your category.


Cool_Hand_Flash's Shaq

Mike's Bradie James

otis's Oscar Azocar
Well, I didn't have anything better than this to enter into this week's contest (thank Mark for this category). Here's the best I could do.


C'mon folks. Surely Mark and I aren't the only ones who have cards with goofy faces on them. :LOL:
A couple of great pics, I will have to do a little digging, but I think that I have a good one.
Didn't do much looking, but this was something that came to mind quickly. Oscar Azocar!


I also remember Steve Trachsel's 95 UD Collector's Choice had a similar face to Bradie James above me but I had to go with this.
Nominations are now closed and the poll has been posted. It'll stay open for 1 week.

Also, I voted for otis on this one. I happen to find it pretty funny that they'd put a picture of a man "loving" his bat on a baseball card. :LOL:
Looks like the "bat lover" is running away with this one, but there are still a few days left to vote. Get those votes in, folks.