April 2016 Trade-a-Thon


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We haven't done one of these in a while so I figured now is just as good a time as any to do another one. The #1 goal when we do something like this is to add a little incentive for members to want to help others with their PC needs through trading, not that TCZ members generally need extra incentive to want to help one anther out. This time it will be a month long contest, but we'll have a little better prize pool too!

Dates: April 1-30

How It Works

During the month of April, we will especially be encouraging trades between members across the site. We'll keep up with all the transactions and the member with the most eligible transactions will be our winner. All trade transactions (sales will not count) that are started between April 1-30 will be eligible. Also, only transactions completed using our Transaction Manager will be eligible. Any eligible transactions that are still open after the deadline is passed will receive an extra week (until May 7) to close, if needed. So, in short, transactions must be started between April 1-30 and completed by May 7 to be eligible.

Main Prize
This is the prize that will go to the member with the most completed transactions. In the event there is a tie, the members who are tying members will determine how to split up the prize.

$25 PayPal
2011 Timeless Treasures Jamaal Charles Auto /15

Secondary Prize
Each completed transaction will earn each member involved 1 entry into our drawing. The more you trade, the more entries you get! The winner of this prize will be drawn using our random list generator.

$25 eBay Gift Certificate

Additional Information

I will add something to the main prize on every Monday during the month of April.

If any of you have any questions about this Trade-a-Thon, feel free to ask in this thread. Otherwise, start hashing out those trades. This contest begins on Friday! Good luck everyone!
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Don't forget this thing starts tomorrow! I'm sure some of you already have deals hashed out and ready to post.

If you have deals in the works with members of other sites, it might be worth mentioning to them that if the deal goes through TCZ instead, you both get a shot at some of these prizes so have them come over, sign up, and get involved!!

Also don't forget, a new prize will be posted every Monday!! Good luck, everyone!!


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As much as I'd love to get in this, I've got a few things going on. Gonna have new hardwoods put down so I will have to put Everything up for now. Believe me I have a lot of stuff lol. A lot of good and east trade stuff for you all. Maybe we can try again sometime. Y'all have fun.


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Okay, I will take a few minutes away from my classes and list some cards for trade:

2013-14 Limited Vladimir Tarasenko RC 199/499 (Blues)
2014-15 Artifacts Tomas Jurco Auto (Red Wings)
2014-15 Masterpieces Logan Couture Jersey (Sharks)
2012-13 Limited Phenoms Kristopher Foucault Auto 463/499 (Wild)
2012-13 Classics Ed Van Impe Auto (Flyers)
2012-13 Classics Cliff Ronning Auto (Canucks)
2013-14 Titanium Mettalic Marks Riley Shaehan Auto(Red Wings)
2012-13 Limited Monikers Ryan Miller Auto 39/49 (Bruins)
2013-14 Titanium Die Cut Dual Jersey/ Auto 18/75 (Blackhawks)
2013-14 Totally Certified Anti Niemi Auto (Sharks)
2012-13 Titanium Die Cut Dual Patch/ Auto 3/5 (Ducks)
2013-14 Titanium Six Relics (Three 2-color Patches) Six Star Jeff Carter 04/25 (Kings)
2013-14 Titanium 2-color Patch Rob Blake 36/50
2013-14 Titanium 2-color Patch Henrik Sedin 06/25

2015-16 Absolute Triple 3-color Patches Team Trios Kobe Bryant/ Jordan Clarkson/ Nick Young 12/25 (Lakers)
2015-16 Prestige Stars of the NBA Carmelo Anthony Auto 12/25 (Knicks)
2015-16 Prestige NBA Passport Josh Richardson RC Auto 60/99 (Heat)
2015-16 Prestige NBA Passport Branden Dawson RC Auto 77/99 (Clippers)
2015-16 Excalibur Dwight Howard Jumbo Jersey (Rockets)
2015-16 Prestige Freshman Fabrics Jumbo Jersey Kelly Oubre Jr. RC (Wizards)
2015-16 Totally Certified Fabric of the Game Jumbo Jersey Sam Dekker 096/199 (Rockets)
2015-16 Totally Certified Jersey Rudy Gay 107/199 (Kings)

2015 Immaculate 2-color Patch Dilson Herrera 11/99 (Mets)
2015 Topps Black US28 Tigers Checklist (Miguel Cabrera) 42/64
2015 Star & Stripes Longevity Kris Bryant (Cubs, USA Uniform)
2015 Topps Chrome Kris Bryant RC (Cubs)
2016 Topps Scouting Report Matt Kisler Auto (Braves)
2016 Topps Negative Variation Baltimore Orioles Team Card
2013 Topps Five Star Adam Jones Auto 162/353

2014 Limited Phenoms Jimmy Garoppolo Auto/ 4-color Patch 058/199 (Patriots)
2014 Bowman Sterling Green Kadeem Carey Auto 10/15 (Bears)
2014 Select Asa Watson Auto 01/15 (Patriots)
2015 Topps Black Jersey Jameis Winston 43/50 (Buccaneers)
2015 Crown Royale Red Stephone Anthony 71/75 (Saints)
2015 Topps Field Access James White Auto (Patriots)
2015 Topps Field Access Mike Evans Auto (Buccaneers)
2015 Platinum 3-color Patch/ Auto Kenny Bell (Buccaneers)
2015 Topps Fire Vic Beasley RC Auto 343/400 (Falcons)
2015 Topps Fire Mike Davis RC Auto 366/400 (49ers)
2015 Topps Prestige Past and Present Dual Jersey Sammy Watkins 139/149 (Bills)
2015 Rookies & Stars Jersey Phillip Dorsett (Colts)
2015 Topps Fire 2-color Patch/ Auto David Johnson 366/400 (Cardinals)
2014 Topps Valor Speed Variation 3-color Patch/ Auto Devonta Freeman 17/99 (Falcons)
2015 Gridiron Kings Jersey Kahlil Mack 139/249 (Raiders)
2015 Certified Blue Variation Fred Biletnikoff Auto 28/50 (Raiders)
2014Topps Valor Mike Evans Auto 06/25 (Buccaneers)
2014 Topps Platinum 2-color Patch/ Auto Aaron Donald RC (Rams)

I can take pictures of any that you are interested in


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It's Monday, which means it's add something to the prize pool day! Nothing outstanding today, but I'm going to throw in a Jamaal Charles auto from 2011 Timeless Treasures. The card is numbered /15, and it is a redeemed redemption!!


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Troy I'll take this one for these....2013-14 Titanium Mettalic Marks Riley Shaehan Auto(Red Wings)

Nashville UD Epack Silver Foils


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Well I got 3 trades in, I tried :(

It looks like you may be the winner, or at least in the running. I'll have it all sorted out this week. There's still 1 trade waiting to be completed that is eligible but it may not matter for 1st place. Also, I'll get the other prizes posted when I get time. It's been a mad house lately with end of school stuff going on at work and with the kids. The youngest's baseball team having 21 games in the next 2 months certainly doesn't help either.

Being a parent is exhausting!!


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So, it looks like @redwing40 is, indeed, the winner of this Trade-a-Thon. So, congrats Paul!

The winner of the random drawing (randomized 5 times) for the secondary prize is @franklinguy52. Congrats, Troy!

I'll send you both private messages to get the info needed to deliver your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this, and keep an eye out for the next one (hopefully happening soon)!