3 sort of packs


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after such a long time with no busts, i clearly have lost the good juju. i would say i took it in the shorts if i wore them, but i don't so i guess i should say i took it in the crotch.

after going for "supplies" i left $300 lighter than expected. box of triple threads, that i didn't know was only 2 packs and a pack of sterling

out of sterling i got

josh betts rc (who?)
charles davis rc (again who?)
osi umenyiora jsy refractor 95/199
charlie whitehurst rc jsy
anthony fasano auto refractor 174/199 (grant)

from triple threads landed

deuce mcallister base /1199 (kelly)
tony gonzalez base /1199
laurence maroney auto/rc/jsy 35/50
joe horn shiny sephia /499 (kelly)
ladanian tomlinson shiny card emerald /199
daunte culpepper base/1199
alge crumpler base /1199
marion barber sepia /499 shiny
brian westbrook sepia /499 shiny
denver relics plummer/cutler/bell jsy 17/36 really nice red card
plaxico burress base /1199
tom brady base /1199

see got kicked in the crotch

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Why not just get a box of some 07 stuff? Tough breaks

i should have just bought 3 boxes of elite cause they were 90 each but i was stupid cause i'm not collecting a new rookie this yr i figured i'd bust something from last yr and hope that i got a Drew i wouldn't have to buy on ebay.