WTT 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary


5.00 star(s)
Want to trade these 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary cards. Prefer trading these for other Chrome varieties, but anything considered, especially cards I need in my sets builds (threads elsewhere on SCC) and 2024 products. Thanks.

Recently updated after a spell of neglect.

Here are the current list of TRADERS for this set:


Base 13 G Torres, 16 A Vaughn, 32 Brujan RC, 53 Sutter, 74 Larkin, 76 Jax RC, 85 A Lopez, 115 Winder RC, 136 G Sanchez, 143 E Montero RC, 162 Elder, 187 McGwire, 237 Raleigh, 240 Piazza, 247 K Lewis, 259 E Martinez, 266 Heasley RC, 267 Skubal, 284 C Kelly, 296 Arenado, 314 T Gilbert RC, 326 R Ray. 328 Damon, 344 Bellinger, 356 LaSorda, 360 Moises Alou, 363 J Lowe RC, 412 L Walker, 479 Mauer, 480 L Cain, 482 C Taylor, 484 J Aguilar, 487 S Anderson, 493 Buehrle, 494 JP Crawford, 497 Willis, 498 K Maeda

Autos (trade for other autos only or for Braves low numbered s/n parallels): CPA-BD Bobby Dalbec Pink Refractor 11/15, CPA-KC Kervin Castro Pink Refractor 08/15, CPA-LW Larry Walker Platinum Toile White/Blue 90/99, CPA-KC Kevin Castro, CPA-LF Luis Frias RC

Serial Numbered:
Parallel Refractors: 486 S Long RC Platinum Toile Cream/Black 02/10, 207 Adon RC Gold Refractor 20/50, 432 D Ellis RC Platinum Toile White/Green 43/99, 461 S Beer Platinum Toile White/Green 19/99, 111 Soler Green Wave Refractors 65/99, 172 H Crouse RC Platinum Toile Cream Fuschia Atomic 077/100, 493 M Buerhle Fuschia Atomic 080/100, 63 Rendon Speckle 137/150, 461 S Beer RC Speckle 066/150, 314 T Gilbert Platinum Toile White/Blue 162/199, 117 Urias Mini-Diamond Blue 088/199,, 371 L Williams RC Mini-Diamond Blue 132/199, 164 DeGrom Yellow Ray Wave 052/250, 169 Y Pozo RC Yellow Ray Wave 214/250, 193 M Rojas Yellow Ray Wave 189/250, 28 D Varsho Aqua Lava 132/299

Non Serial Numbered:
Xfractors : 16 Vaughn, 169 Pozo RC, 274 J Gray
B/W Mini- Diamond Sparkle : 98 P Henry, 129 S Marte, 175 Cousins, 261 L Hendriks, 348 Z Pop RC, 414 B Lowe
Prisms: 302 Mancini Blue Prism
Refractors (labeled REFRACTOR on rear): 26 Welker RC, 51 Zerpa RC, 57 T Stephenson, 165 D Lee, 194 E Morgan RC, 246 Sheets RC, 295 M Thompson RC, 318 Brantley, 330 Seabold RC, 378 Ashby RC, 379 Adames, 421 Cronenworth, 440 Voit, 477 K Castro RC, 480 Cain
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Well, I broke down and ordered two value boxes that will be coming in this week, I hope. These cards just look so dadgum good. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get a few more Braves and probably a few more dupes to offer in trade. Thanks in advance for any help here but realize this is not a high priority collector set.
Hi there! I have Dansby Aqua Lava Refractor coming in from a box break. Lmk if you need it, will trade for Goldschmidt aqua lava. Much appreciated
Also pulled the Warren Spahn regular refractor from same break and will trade for your Verlander refractor. Much appreciated
Also pulled base of Acuna, Dale Murphy, Warren Spahn, David wright and Max Scherzer . If you need any of them I will just trade for some HOf base to give away to my kiddos I coach. Much appreciated
Brian, I can always use some more Braves and star cards, so sure, it’s a deal. I will pick out 5 or kore HOFer cards to put in the package. Do we need to take a breath before you scrounge up Trade 4? :)

Would you be interested in a PWE trading 78 A. Jones and 484 Aguilar for 16 Vaughn and 114 Wilhelm?