2007 Gridiron Gear Case Break, Where are our cards?

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Its been what? 2-3 weeks? I heard another member received his last week, and I somewhat got annoyed.

I spent 70 dollars to wait over a month for the break, then to wait another month to get the cards?

I believe panthers4ever made enough money to ensure everyone's cards got sent out in an timely matter.

Any status update would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

I received mine today. My wife got them yesterday and didn't give them to me until today.

However, I do want to complain about my Hits not even being penny sleeved. I got an auto too. :/ Your lucky it wasn't damaged.
josh maybe before making a post you should check with your wife next time

Brandon yours were mailed the same day as Josh's. As stated in the thread they were all sent but I believe 5 on the orginal sending day. Those five were more than one team and not able to fit in 000 envelopes.

All have been mailed. Delay was due to me moving. I am settled in and organizing my office as we speak so I should be back on track and bringing you guys more box breaks shortly. I am also pleased to announce I have regained access to Upper Deck products so look forward for new pack sales and group breaks upcoming.
Hey just learn how to package cards, espically autos, and if you make 2-300 on the break, make sure our cards get sent out fast. It shouldn't take 3 + weeks for us to recieve our cards.
Before you make accusations maybe you should have proof. And if I am making so much money , explain to the fine members why my finest break was cheaper than the one running now. Either way your opinion really doesn't matter. You do not have a clue about the expenses of running a business. And correct me if I am wrong but how can on possibly make 300 when they collect 950 on a case that cost 700. Did I steal all the envelopes, Steal postage, find a way to avoid all paypal fees, and find a way for all that money to not show up in my sales reports for taxes? Find something better to do then try to make someone look bad that you don't like. No need for me to once again have to explain myself to you. Keep it up and you will find yourself suspended.
to quit the arguing I gave Joe a breakdown and he came up with this for everyone to see, This should bury everything and I can get back to normal operations

$920 total sale price (collected) (he gave his team away)
$700 cost of case (on DACardWorld which has fair prices 8 boxes would cost $848 right now)
$50-70 shipping ( I would agree with this)
$28 in paypal fees (3% of $920 is $27 plus .30 for each transaction)
$5 in packing supplies
$55.20 sales tax paid