Would You Grade This?


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Hello all,

I am not necessarily new to grading I have several submissions but not one with as much risk as this one. I have this '81 Topps Joe Montana RC and outside of it being slightly off centered, which was super common at this time, but still exists today lol, I have found no flaws on this card. I have looked it over with my loop I see no minor flaws and although the front is off centered the backs centering may cancel out what would be an otherwise excellent card. I submit these photos for just a general visual representation of the card but undestand it's just photos so just looking for opinions. I am sorry for the glare on the back shot there aren't white stains on the cards just a glare that particular photo was to just represent the back centering. Thank you for all input.
That’s a nice one I would probably consider grading it just to get it into a permanent holder. Personally I think it would grade an 8, but I’m no expert.
I agree with what Andy said.
It really depends on if your grading to sell, which can lower value, or to protect for your own collection.
For reference, check out this similar card, and the grade I got.


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