Official ISA Grading Rolling Submission Thread


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This is the Official ISA Grading Rolling Submission Thread

$18 per card!
10 business day turnaround time!
(clock starts the day that ISA receives the cards, not me)
NO declared value limit!
NO restrictions on Vintage, Modern or Ultra Modern!
ALL sport, non-sport, gaming and TCG cards welcome!
Bulk grading only available for standard and smaller sized cards. (mini, micro, cigerette etc. NO oversized or tall-boys.)
Bulk grading ONLY available for cards upto 40pt thickness. NO patch, relic, game used memorbilia cards.
Autograph authentication NOT available.

Post what cards you would like to send in here in this thread. I will post the trade in the Trade manager. I will be sending out cards to ISA once we get to the 100 mimimum required for the bulk rate.

Cards will be insured for shipping to and from ISA at up to $50 per card based on this pricing.

The pricing above includes shipping from me to ISA, return shipping and insurance from ISA to me, semi-rigid and penny sleeves I will put your cards in if needed, and packaging supplies.

Return Shipping Costs From Me To You (First Class, Priority Flat Rate Bubbler Mailer, Priority Flat Rate Medium/Large Box. Return Shipping costs will be calculated once cards are ready to ship back.

I will be offering a basic cleaning and semi-rigid/penny sleeve supplies as needed and requested.
This will include a micro fiber wipe/cleaning as well as a new Penny Sleeve and Card Saver. If you want a card cleaned please put a (CLEAN) next to the card in your list and make sure to put a post it note on the top loader when shipping. I will not be giving my opinion of grade as I am not a professional grader. If possible, please try to send your cards in your own semi-rigid holders. ISA prefers them this way. If necessary I will provide the holders and sleeves, but as I am providing them as needed, I can not just give them away to everyone for all the cards.

SCC does not guarantee a certain grade of your card(s). SCC is not responsible for any card(s) that get lost or damaged if you haven't chosen to get your cards insured to me or insured from me back to you.
I am NOT an employee of ISA. Nor am I getting any type of monetary kickback from ISA per card submitted. I just really like their grading and customer service, am a frequest submitter and also want to take advantage of the bulk submission rate they are offering.

You must not have any negative or neutral feedback within the last 6 months, had any disputes opened up against you that were not resolved, or a No Buying/Selling/Trading tag. If you do PLEASE PM me to discuss the matter before submitting cards for grading.

What is your cost?

$18 per card - 10 business turn around from ISA back to me!

-Return shipping from me to you (shipping costs to be calculated and paid for once cards are back to me and ready to ship to you)

-Add 4% If paying PayPal Goods

How will this work?:
Pretty simple, list your cards in this thread using the layout I have provided below including your username. Once you are ready, post your cards, and let me know that you are ready for me to post them in the trade manager. I will post them in the trade manger with the total amount due. Send your cards and send over payment to the address and PayPal provided.

What types of cards can I submit?:
ISA grades most sports, non-sport, and TCG cards, including:

Baseball cards
Basketball cards
Football cards
Hockey cards
Wrestling cards
Racing cards
Soccer cards
Golf cards
Tennis cards
Multi-sport cards

What if I submit a card and it doesn't get graded?:
If ISA looks at your card and it is determined that your card is not genuine "fake" or as been altered in any way (trimmed, collared, etc.) they will not grade it. Since they have to look at the card to determine this they still charge the per card price regardless of no grading. This will not be refunded. If they state they didn't grade it for another reason then your amount will be refunded if they charged us to begin with.

When do I ship my cards & when do I pay?
I will get cards and totals posted in trade manager once you are ready. You are responsible to pay the total fees by the time I receive your cards. Cards AND payment must be sent to me BEFORE I include your cards in the currnet bulk order and ship to ISA

I am in Michigan, USA. At this time, I am only able to provide return shipping to a US address. NO international submissions please

How can I pay for my submission?:
Accepted forms of payment are PayPal Friends and Family or PayPal Goods (you must add a 4% fee)

Any payment method that requires a fee on my end you will be responsible to pay for.

How are you expected to ship your cards?:
Please send your cards, each in a Card Saver, with Cardboard at the front and back protecting it. I advise shipping in a small box with bubble wrap; but a padded mailer will work if you use adequate protection. You are responsible for your own cards getting to me so send in manner that makes you comfortable. i.e. padded mailer, box/bubble wrap, insurance, priority, first class, etc.

*******If you do not ship in a card saver (or include card savers for your cards) I can provide them on an as needed basis. Please try to send cards in your own though. Please do not abuse my ability to transfer your cards into semi-rigid holders or I will not be able to offer this anymore and/or have to start charging for them.

How many cards can you submit?:
Members may submit Unlimited amount.

Can I submit the same card as another member?:

Bulk = 100 cards at 10 Working Days turn around time. I will provide order status updates in the ISA forum per bulk order submitted. I will post a "reveal" video in the ISA forum as bulk orders are returned to me. I will announce when the videos will be posted and for what order. So you if do not wish to know your grades and would rather be surprised, do not watch the video. For every order, I will post pics of some of the best cards, grades, hot players in a seperate thread. For truly special or high dollar cards, you might see it get posted in the ISA "Hall of Fame" sitckey thread! If you have any questions or need more information, please PM me rather than post it here. I would like to keep the comments on this thread to just members posting the cards they are submitting.

Let's have some fun and get some cards graded!
There is still time if you are interested in sending in cards for the MAY group submission, the deadline is May 15th to have your cards and submission fee to me. You can just tell me what you want to send here, or you are more comfrotable, we can set up a "trade."