1989 Topps Don Mattingly 700 - is this a error card - what do you think


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Looking for some expert opinions before sending into PSA

I haven’t looked at my collection since 1995, but I was recently browsing through my binder. Most of my cards are from 1982-1990 Donruss, Fleer, and Topps. I have four 1989 Topps Don Mattingly #700 cards stored in the same binder, but one of them is unique. It may be a rare fade from years ago, but it appears that Don is tanner, there is a halo or “bleed” around the Yankees like a 3D picture before the glasses are put on and the NY in his hat looks different, the gray behind the Yankees banner is a darker gray and the N in Mattingly has a bleed. The Tops font is also off. I would attribute this to sun bleaching, although the card has been stored for so long that I doubt it. Compared to the other cards this one is off. Its probably hard to tell from pictures but its a purple red bleed and the " N" has a red bleed.

Let me know and appreciate any help


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Welcome to SCC! Love the Donnie Baseball card, he was a great of the era for sure!!

I think that happened sometimes back in the day when printers were not as sharp and the companies were literally cranking product out as fast as they possibly could because 8 year old kids like me were buying it as fast as they could!!

I don't know if it would be considered a true error card, as there isn't a significant misprint, or wrong photo, name, etc.

Worth looking more into though, just my 2 cents (which is probably overpriced!! 😉)