*** Cancelled *** 2023 Donruss Elite Football (1) Hobby Box Break - $50 Pick 1/Get 4


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2023 Donruss Elite Football (1) Hobby Box Break - $50 Pick 1/Get 4

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Seeing if there is enough interest to fill a 6 slot break of a 2023 Donruss Elite Football Hobby Box. $50 shipping included, gets your first choice of team, plus 4 random teams. Teams can be traded after randomization. This is a pre-fill so once all 6 slots are sold I’ll order the boxes.

EXTRAS: The two extra teams will be given away to two break participants in a duck race at the end of the break!

Beckett.com: “2023 Donruss Elite Football carries on with a lot of the brand’s long-standing traditions. From returning themes and inserts to a configuration that offers notable variety in card types, there’s a sense of familiarity. Hobby boxes feature three hits, two of which are autographs. Collectors can also expect to find 11 inserts and a half dozen parallels. The base set has 100 veterans plus a deep roster of rookies. First-year players, who are pictured in their NFL uniforms, combine to land three per hobby box. When it comes to parallels, staples Aspirations and Status are both back. These are numbered to varying amounts but none have more than 99 copies. Additional parallels include Orange (/399), Maroon (/149), Blue (/99), Black (/25), Gold (/10) and Elite (1/1). There’s also the return of Razzle Dazzle. These aren’t numbered but they are tough. Pen Pals are one of the autograph anchors in 2023 Elite. These represent rookies’ first on-card NFL signatures. As per tradition, parallels change up the ink color with Blue, Purple, Green and Red. Turn of the Century Autographs are also back. Base versions have no more than 199 copies each with additional Orange (/99 or less), Red (/49), Blue (/25), Purple (/10), Gold (/5) and Black (1/1) versions also on the checklist. For those chasing multi-signature cards, there’s Team Lineage. These have ink from three players, all of whom suited up for the same franchise, although not necessarily at the same time. As far as standard inserts go, 2003 Elite Rookies reach two decades into the past for their design inspiration. Parallels land in Aspirations Die-Cut (/99 or less), Status Die-Cut (/99 or less), Gold (/10) and Black (1/1). MVPBound, LombardiBound and GOATBound highlight Patrick Mahomes, Peyton Manning and Joe Montana respectively. These offer different cards for each letter in the players’ full name.
What to expect in a box:
  • Cards per pack: Hobby – 5
  • Packs per box: Hobby – 20
  • 100 cards per box/ total in break
  • Set size: 200 cards
  • Release date: September 1, 2023
  • Autographs – 2
  • Memorabilia Cards – 1
  • Inserts – 11
  • Parallels – 6
  • Rookies – 3
1. Eagles - Kpit1978
2. Chiefs - Bobbyd9179
3. Dolphins - Bdink25

I will request payments once the break has been filled.


**The nitty gritty: Autographed and Serial #’d cards only will be toploaded in the break video. Colored parallels and inserts will be, at minimum, penny sleeved after the break concludes. Select base cards such as those of hot prospects, rookies, or stars will be penny sleeved and/or toploaded at FountainTown’s discretion or the mutually agreed upon request of the break participant. Combo cards or non sports cards will be randomized at the end of the break. Players in college uniforms with no professional team name on the card will go to whichever team they were drafted by or randomized if undrafted. Please allow up to 5 business days after the break concludes for product shipment. If participants are in multiple breaks with FountainTown we may combine shipping with other breaks. All shipments will be placed in teams bags within bubble mailers or boxes and shipped via USPS Ground Advantage or UPS, unless otherwise notified.
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