Basketball Whos The Player You Wish You Could Collect?


Bench Warmer
Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the subject! I'd love to collect Mussina, but he has so many cards and too many collectors. Post your thoughts and please say why you don't!
I would love to collect Kareem Rush (former laker now a pacer).
But collecting Kobe is just so expensive that I cannot collect anybody else...
Started to collect Roy Williams because there are only like 20 or 30 cards of him printed...which is very do-able....
I wish I could collect MJ like a fanatic! :D

Unfortunately I only pick up the odd MJ every now and then.
mat19 said:
MJ must be a hard one! MJ was loved by everyone and even i've been looking for a MJ auto
Everyone There so expensive and i see why.I have been tryin to pull one for almost a decade and just recently finally pulled one.It only took me 7 to 8 years of buying box after box of UD products.I coulda bought a bunch of them on ebay with what i spent on boxes but nothing beats pullin it yourself.=) (kind of a downer that i didnt pull the actuall card but the redemption for it though)
Collect: Jordan Farmar

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also in the Nfl are cadillac william,brian urlacher, tom brady, adrian peterson, and finally **** butkus ( greatest linbacker in NFL History)!!!!!