Thoughts on 2024 Topps Flagship


5.00 star(s)
Well, I did preorder a hobby box of the 2024 Topps Series One after seeing a photo of a card late last year because it was a bit fascinating with the neon lighting as the team name. My hobby box came in late last night, UPS, and I am finally ripping packs today. I have to say I am pretty much amazed at how much I like this set. I will bet that some of you may see this differently as the look is probably polarizing, but it just looks good to me.
I have come to feel after the past few years that Topps has gone stale, gone bland. with the flagship set, and left all the cool design and photography to other sets. It is not that the Topps flagship sets looked bad, it was more just too busy and too boring I would say.
But not this year. I really like the photography that Topps used in the newly released 2023 Stadium Club set. I have always appreciated the photography in the Stadium Clubs, but this year was especially good. Well Topps has gotten more into the photography with this years flagship. You still see the playing poses of pitching, fielding and batting, but the angles are more varied and the players even have been allowed to show emotion.
Bottom line is I really like this set and truth be told would welcome Topps emphasizing these base sets more in favor of the other sets. I could use a paring down to about five or six sets to collect each year and, for once, I will include this flagship in the running for my favorite set of the year.
Thanks for sharing that article. I agree with the designer's comment that these will really pop in chrome. I bought a blaster this morning to get some of these cards in hand. Definitely my favorite flagship card design in modern era. I especially love the inserts - big upgrades on design of Stars of MLB, Greatest Hits, others.
One last thought on this set before we all move on to the next one coming down the pike. I still enjoy looking at these as the colors shine and pop, but now I am greatly looking forward to how these will look in Chrome. The silver pack cards have revved me up.