Hockey Who's got tickets?


Bench Warmer
We all have our favorite teams, but who is lucky enough to be going to some games this year?

I personally have had partial season Blackhawks tickets for a few years now, and I'm excited to get to the preseason so I can get to another game and check out the fresh faces.


Bench Warmer
I will not go to the Detroit Red Wings game, but I will being doing a Saginaw Spirit game on 1/29/11.

This game is special as former Red Wings star JIRI FISCHER has his annual (year 4) charity event called "Shocks & Saves". All money raised will go to his charity, which helps provide defibrillators to local area schools, churches, and other places. Since the event has been started, at least one of the ones purchased has already saved the life of a male middle school student.

Jiri is also always willing to sign for fans, along with the special guests that he brings in. (This is the plug for my future 50/50 opportunity, which you should look for around Christmas)

Sophie Hart

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I can’t even think about to miss a single chance to watch my favorite players in the arena. But unfortunately this time I was not able to get the tickets. It’s hard for me and enough to make me sad now.

Tom R

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24 year season ticket holder for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Pittsburgh Steelers. I had season tickets for the Pirates as well, but I gave them up a while back...