Purging Football Team Lots


Old School Vintage
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Wondering if there is any interest in random football team lots here. The lots range from small 15 or 20 cards to 200+ cards depending on what I had for each team. Years range from around 1990 to 2019 mostly common cards some teams have inserts and a very few have "hits" (auto or relic) no guarantees. Most of these cards were my trade fodder for team trading groups I was in. There may also be duplicates and multiples.

As I am trying to purge I prefer selling I have been asking only for compensation for shipping, but will consider small trades I don't want to get back a ton of cards. The larger team lots I plan on shipping via USPS small priority flat rate box approx $10.50 I posted full details on my blog captkirk42.blogspot.com and on a post on another card site can I mention tcdb here?

Teams available: number of cards approx not always exact.
Bears 30 cards 1998-2016
Bengals 168 cards 1990-2019
Bills 81 cards 1991-2016
Broncos 17 cards 1991-2016
Browns 197 cards 1990-2019
Chargers 48 cards 1985-2019
Chiefs 67 cards 1995-2019
Colts 77 cards 1992-2019
Dolphins 242 cards 1990-2019
Falcons 227 cards 1990-2019
Giants 28 cards 1990-2016
Jaguars 297 cards 1995-2019
Jets 11 cards 1992-2016
Lions 53 cards 1991-2016
Packers 53 cards 1990-2019
Panthers 121 cards 1995-2019
Saints 15 cards 1991-2016
Steelers 17 cards 1990-2016
Texans 17 cards 2003-2016
Titans 84 cards 2000-2019

It might take me a little while to reply as I am not here every single day. Inquiries on teams can be sent to my Yahoo email where I am klandersen