Who's Been Having Fun Trading Lately?


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I just got back into the swing of things about a week or two ago, after a long layoff, and am up to 16 trades, across multiple sites. Even made my first on here.

Having a blast with it and can't wait to make more.

What's everyone looking for, so I can keep an eye out at the local shows?
It would be great if these popped up.

2008 UD Masterpieces Needed

I need these Red Parallel's

16 Jonathan Papelbon Red Sox 2.5
35 Magglio Ordonez Tigers 2.5
80 Tim Lincecum Giants 2.5
Really great thread and happy to hear that you are having fun (and sounds like a ton of success) making trades!

We have set a 2023 site goal to try to increase the number of trades people are making this year (I made 4 or 5 trades today thanks to everyone for helping to get those done!). As an incentive we are offering free group box breaks and other prizes to members who are completing trades here on SCC each month. All it takes to enter those monthly trade contests is completing at least one trade in the month. The more trades you make the higher up in the draft you move to choose your team in the free group box break or one of the other prizes.

Personally I have a Dodgers PC and also am working on completing a few 2022 sets that I have wantlists posted for in the baseball set building forum.

Happy trading…and looking forward to making some trades with you in the future!

All the best,
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