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It's that time again..let's recognize, and congratulate, @RockysCardboard on being selected as our next SCC Member Spotlight.


Rocky is one of the newer member's of SCC who came over after some interactions with the @sportscardclub Twitter account and jumping into some of our contests there. He's been active in several of the breaks and recently jumped into our Monthly SCC break with the A's, a team he'll share with his Dad.

Now let’s try to get to know a little bit more about Rocky and his collection.

Rocky started collecting cards over 25 years ago and back then he was a Pokémon collector. He became interested in sports cards in 2003, when "My Dad and I would go to a hobby shop every week or so, get some basketball and baseball packs, watch people break cases, it was always was fun." While it was his Dad who got him into collecting, "sports is huge in my family and playing basketball growing up, lots of my friends also collected. We used to sit around for hours trading cards, usually we would have the same card multiple times after a couple months of trading back and forth."

Now Rocky collects primarily basketball and baseball cards. He's been going to a lot of shows and has been known to pick up pretty much any great card when he has a chance, no matter the sport. When asked about what kind of cards he collects, here was his reply:

“My main PC is Carmelo Anthony, and has been since 2003. Melo is the player who I used to model my game after when I played (not athletic, but quick smart moves and mid range shots) and just always enjoyed following his career. More recently, Manny Machado has been my favorite player. As a huge Padres fan, having a superstar of his caliber elect to sign with us was huge and he’s been an awesome leader. Tatis Jr. to an extent and Wil Myers as well. Beyond that I try to build the Stadium Club Chrome sets for baseball and open anything that seems fun!”

Check out some highlights from the Melo PC:

Melo 2.jpeg Melo Patch.jpeg

Melo 3.jpeg

Rocky's current favorite card in his collection is a recently 2016 Carmelo Anthony KABOOM!

Melo Kaboom.jpeg

Rocky also is an avid collector of basketball "GOATS" like MJ, Kobe, and Lebron. He are some highlights from those collections:

Jordan.jpeg Kobe.jpeg Lebron.jpeg

Rocky doesn’t really "collect" any other kinds of sports memorabilia but he does have some Padres memorabilia and a Kobe Bryant autographed ball

Rocky's other interests include:

"Hanging with my dog Rocky (secret's out, his actual name is Griffin)Rocky.jpeg, he’s goes everywhere with me and does everything with me. Playing basketball, hiking, and gaming/DND/Board games. Those are my main other alternative hobbies lately, and also trying to get back to golfing."

As mentioned before, Rocky's Dad is into the hobby, but it's a family affair:

"My sister even collects hockey cards now too. My dad is working on an Alllen & Ginter Chrome set currently too. We mainly just love opening some packs and all watching what we get, lately it’s been over FaceTime."

Rocky, once again, thank you for being a valued member of SCC.

One awesome thing I learned in getting to know Rocky a little better seems to be a good parting thought here:

When asked what he likes most about the hobby, Rocky replied, "The social aspect, since getting back into it last year and going to shows I love chatting with people, making trades, looking for cards for people. That’s really what drives and keeps me motivated to collect. There’s so many awesome people I’ve met collecting."


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