1988 Donruss - Let's go back in time

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Why on earth I decided to buy two hobby boxes of 1988 Donruss is beyond me. Other than them being dirt cheap, there sure are a lot of packs in these boxes. good grief. I enjoy the amount of cards having to sort through, but man. Along with little to no value, and the buncha no namers..it's a rough set. Out of two hobby boxes, I still didn't complete the set. But I did get two full sets of the Stan Musial Puzzles out of it
. I see the possibility of completing a full set from 1 hobby box is similar to how it is nowadays. What makes it worse, there was only ONE insert set that you could obtain from these packs. SO there is no reason you couldn't complete both the base set, as well as the insert set from 2 hobby boxes. what the hell!!

Anyways....let's see how this goes.

My signature shows all the cards I need in order to complete this set. If you are looking to complete this set as well, let me know. I have tons of duplicates.
I will trade anything for set needs as long as the value is comparable.
Please keep in mind that the values of these 1988 cards are vastly different compared to today's card values.

Let the fun begin

Apparently, this needs to be addressed. With these cards being older, and a tad more fragile, it is becoming harder to find these in mint/near mint condition, but not impossible. I am not referring to the centering of the image on the card, but rather sharp corners. If you have any of these cards for trade, and no damn well the condition is absolute garbage, DO NOT SEND THEM. You are wasting my time / money. If the cards are less than perfect, bring it up to the other person trading with you before you ship them out. Let the trader make the decision if they still want them or not. I understand the value of these 88's are very minimal, but value is besides the point. I want a near mint / mint card / set. Receiving cards that are damaged have zero value. When we accept trades, we are in hopes that the cards arrive in near mint / mint condition, unless otherwise noted. ALWAYS. This is no exception now, Regardless of year / value of the card(s). Be respectful, bring it up during the trade talks, and then go from there. If the cards mean that little to you and are wasting space, put them in a burn pile, don't use them as trade bait.

First don't do - I don't know why anyone would ship cards with ZERO stability / support. I have received a number of these cards over the past week or so. The first, was delivered in a PWE, and the cards were placed in a section of a 9 card, binder sleeve. Needless to say that was bent and cards were damaged. I have no way of knowing how they looked once the trader shipped them. But what i received was worthless cardboard. If you are going to ship PWE, add support so that these items cannot be bent. I understand it's cheaper, but THIS IS EXACTLY why I refuse to ship PWE.

Second don't do - DO NOT send cards in sandwich baggies. The cards I just received were placed in baggies, then placed in a bubble mailer, inside of another double mailer. Out of the huge stack I received, 10-12 were actually near mint cards. Everything else, JUNK. It was a total waste. If you are going to ship a lot of cards, either get a small card storage box, or a bigger plastic case with the latch. It shouldn't be this hard. Would you being on the other side of this trade been happy with the cards packaged the way they were? I think not.

Spare everyone the time, effort, and money to trade if you don't have quality cards to send. And also if you don't want to take the time / money to make sure they are secured in place.
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this is on hold for right now, i have a few trades in the works that should knock a big chunk of these cards out. Once the cards arrive, i will update the list and proceed from there.
OK, this is off hold now. My website is up to date, and am still looking to complete this set, as well as a few others.
Please read the original post, I have added some additional information.
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