Complete! 2024 Topps Heritage Baseball Charity Set Needs


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Okay we got a really nice donation of a ton of 2024 Topps Heritage baseball cards from @BigLego1316 (thank you Ben!). So let’s put together another 2024 Topps Heritage baseball base card (101-500) set for charity. I’ll sort through what we currently have and will list any cards we still need here. Please let me know if you happen to have any of the cards we need and if you would like to donate them to this charity set or if you would like to trade them please let me know what you might be looking for in return.

We will be donating all proceeds from this set to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Cards still needed:
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Okay I think we’ll go ahead and post the set as complete without card 407 seems like that is how most of the sets are being listed. So this one is complete thank you everyone!

I’ll list it and can share with you all as soon as I have all of the cards in hand.