Baseball Big Hit Bobby Witt Jr. live 22 Autos & 4 Relics Break ...2 Boxes 2021 Elite Extra Hobby & 1 Box 2021 Contenders Baseball plus...


5.00 star(s)


More people who there to watch, the more fun it is. Just click on the watch on YouTube link and start chatting.

Bonuus blaster is the 2021 Prizm Baseball. 6 Packs of 4 cards plus a bons pack of 8 colored Prizm cards 4 Purple and 4 Green Wave.

PLEASE REMEMBER, THIS IS DUAL LISTED ON and team picks will go by the earliest, unless the newest is higher.

What's better than actual 22 Autos 5 Relics? 22 Autos and 4 Relics!

Breaking 2 Hobby Box of 2021 Elite Extra Baseball, and one Contenders Hobby boxes.
20 Autos and 4 Relics all together!

Offering top prospects across several fronts, 2021 Panini Elite Extra Edition Baseball looks at the budding talent in the hobby.
Each EEE Hobby box has eight autographs and two relics. The product features recent MLB Draft picks, other key prospects and exclusive Dominican Prospect League (DPL) players.

Year two for the rebooted MLBPA line, 2021 Panini Contenders Baseball covers former greats, current rookies and notable prospects.
Each Hobby box should yield six autographs along with 18 Optic editions and 24 inserts.

2 Hobby Box of 2021 Elite Extra Edition 5 Packs of 5 Cards each. Expecting 8 Autos and 2 Memorabilia cards Box *25 cards $200

2021 Panini Contenders Baseball Hobby Box Break Average 6 Autographs 18 Optic (Base/Parallels) 24 Inserts (Base/Parallels) $110​

Chronicle cards from my breaks, about 90 cards that include base cards, blue parallels, Chromium cards and Chromium Prizm. Just $30.
Watch the break, might help you pick a team!
One bonus blaster $30
Shipping was $10

BIDDING ENDS AND TEAMS ARE SET WHEN WE REACH THE BOX BREAK PRICE OF Total $380 Bids so far $394 (Thanks Everyone) to go $0


Dominican Cards will be settled by and randomize the 30 spots five times

Will try and keep current with picks, as my job and "She Who Must Be Obeyed" allow!
Any Questions? LMK

Thanks Bob

Teams and Prices:

Arizona Diamondbacks $15 Molitor04x
Baltimore Orioles $15 Molitr04x
Boston Red Sox $26 Molitor04x
New York Yankees $20 Molitor04x
$76 PAID

New York Mets $6 darkman
Philadelphia Phillies $6 darkman
Oakland Athletics $6 darkman
Seattle Mariners $11 darkman
Kansas City Royals $7 darkman
$36 PAID

Colorado Rockies $11 LarryG

Milwaukee Brewers $8 LarryG
Texas Rangers $5 LarryG
$24 PAID

Los Angeles Dodgers $10 Grappler
San Francisco Giants $6 Grappler
Houston Astros $6 grappler
Toronto Blue Jays $6 Grappler

San Diego Padres $20 Steelers8873
Cincinnati Reds $15 Steelers8873
Miami Marlins $15 Steelers8873
Chicago White Sox. $15 Steelers8873
$65 PAID

Pittsburgh Pirates $25 bdink
Washington Nationals $10 bdink
Atlanta Braces $11 Bdink
Los Angeles Angels $25 bdink
Tampa Bay Rays $25 bdink
Washington Nationals $10 bdink

St. Louis Cardinals $10 Lemole
Cleveland Indians $10 Lemole
$20 PAID

Detroit Tigers $14 mechjo PAID
Chicago Cubs $25 @prospector9 (SCC)
Minnesota Twins $10 Leonofnj

Total Needed to Reach Break Price: $00

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Looking for ...Autos of Gwynn, Tatis Jr., Paddack, Machado, Cronenworth and Ryan Weather
As well as Padre first rookie autos of top prospects and draft picks Also, some Prizm/OPtic gold #/10

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1/1 Bounty: Choice of the one following rookie cards:
2018 Topps Gallery #116 Shohei Ohtani RC Los Angeles Angels
2018 Topps Gallery #126 Juan Soto RC Washington Nationals
2018 Topps Gallery #140 Ronald Acuna Jr. RC Atlanta Braves

or the following Rookie Card Lot

2018 Topps Gallery #89 Gleyber Torres RC New York Yankees
2018 Topps Gallery #127 Rafael Devers RC Boston Red Sox
2018 Topps Gallery #141 Walker Buehler RC Los Angeles Dodgers


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Pushing some more higher -
Arizona Diamondbacks $6
Colorado Rockies $9

Milwaukee Brewers $5
Pittsburgh Pirates $6

Los Angeles Angels $8
Seattle Mariners $5

Detroit Tigers $5
Kansas City Royals $6

Baltimore Orioles $8
New York Yankees $6