Watch out for a Lockout in 3 years


Bench Warmer
The league has opted out of the CBA. That means the next 2 seasons will be ran under the salary cap and the following season will be without one. After that expect to see a work stopage. What do you guys think, will the NFL hang themselves or will they get a fair of all deal done before the three years are up.

Currently the revenue split is 60% NFL players 40% owners.
Not sure if an agreement will be made within the next couple of years. What they need to work on is the damn pnsion for all retired players. It's a sad situation.
For the sports sake I hope they get everything worked out in the next 2 years.

I don't think the fan base will drop as drastically as baseball's did with the strike in the 90's, or hockey's lockout....but it will certainly not help in any way!
I really see them changing up the rookie contracts. No way should Matt Ryan be the highest paid player in the league. I think they should kill off the money they get on the front part of their contract. People complain about het contracts in other sports, but in football you get paid before you even touch the ball.
Obviously, if you look at the competitiveness of the league, you can tell it's the model the other sports want. They'll work something out.