This is probably in the forum but...

This is probably in the Wrong forum but...

*** i meant to say "This is probably in the WRONG forum but..." in the title...sorry!***
I picked up 2 8x10 auto'ed pics for $13.75 dlvd. :cheers::dance::cheers::dance:

the first one was of Matt Barnes (UCLA Basketball Player)

and the second one was of Robert Thomas (UCLA Football Player)

Just thought i'd share. Thought it was a really good deal and both are certified by PSA/DNA so im happy :D
I loved watching Barnes play UCLA basketball, but i didn't have the chance to watch Robert Thomas play (only the replays on ESPN classic). Thanks for Looking
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very nice, where did you pick them up?

i just stumbled upon them while searching ebay. i wasn't sure if there would be a lot of bidding going on or what not, so i just placed a small bid and i won both. couldnt believe i won the robert thomas for $1. haha but yeah, someone bidded on the barnes a bit, but then stopped, got it for $4.75 i believe. Not to mention its from the same seller, so i saved $6 on shipping :D