Selling All Day - PayPal Wanted!


Bench Warmer
I need to dwindle down my collection a little as it has taken over my desk, so I am looking to start selling a lot of my cards in my bucket. So I am now starting to take offers on all items not in my PC. This is a very good chance to get multiple cards for trade bait or add to your own PC. Just PM me with any questions.

Pictures by y2mikey - Photobucket


1.) I am taking offers on all cards which means you send me a offer and I will let you know.
2.) Don't ask me to send you a price. I am taking reasonable offers on all cards but do not want to waste time sending people prices on cards they don't intend to buy unless they pay pennies on the dollar.
3.) I will respond to all offers. Some people will get a YES to there offer, Some will get a COUNTER on there offer and some will get a NO.
4.) If you get a NO please don't get upset. Some cards will be tougher then others to get.
5.) The more you buy the better deal you get especially when buying GU.
6.) I will trade some of the cards but if I am trading I need to trade a few cards for one card of equal or maybe lesser value depending on card. That is the only way I can dwindle down my collection.
7.) PayPal Only Please!

So start sending some offers. Thank You!


Bench Warmer
Donruss Gridirion Gears Josh freeman auto patch: 16
Stephen McGee bowman sterling auto jersey: 4.50 (were going for 3 bucks then one jsut sold for 6)
SPA josh freeman auto patch: 30