Blind Trades (I Get Astros)

One more trade offer for now... might be the last for a bit until I can unearth more

Astros Rc's 122
Astros Inserts 38
Astros Parallels 70

150 serial numbered.
I'll take Cubs + Marlins mix if you want to post it up. Thanks!
Anymore Phillies numbered cards for trade? I have enough Astros of your requirements for 14 Phillies numbered cards. Much appreciate
I've got another pile for you

75 inserts
64 parallels
69 rookies
1 serial numbered

total of 137
Any Cubs/Marlins/Orioles serials, send em my way! Please post.
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I have these Astros I'll post

4 game used
9 Parrells
1 serial #
3 inserts
1 Silver pack chrome

Would like a mix of serial # Yankees/Giants or will even take base Jeter.
Heres what I got
1 Commemorative Patch
2 RC's
3 Inserts
Any Expos or Blue Jays or a Mix of both looking for 10ish cards