Blind Trades (Thanks @Therion)


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Hi everyone saw this idea from @Therion and decided I'd like to try it as it seems like a fun idea! the difference is for me it's using rookie cards!!

So let's do some blind trading.

You send me any numbered cards in exchange for base rookies/insert rookies(majority will be the ones just stated)/Color Rookies and maybe even numbered rookies (just tell me a team from any sport will also look for college teams if you'd be looking for that). I'll send you rookie cards from that team.

I don't need to know what you are sending (but you can tell me if you want) and I'll send you random rookie cards from your team. Here is the ratio that I would like to use but I'm open to other ideas.

2 Rookies of your team for 1 serial-numbered card.
4 Rookies of your team for 2 serial-numbered cards.
Will do more but mainly looking for PWE trades

The only rule for me is that the card can't be from Leaf or Wild Card Matte
(Out of Tigers/Padres Right now)
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