Ring.. Ring.. Ring... Ring...


Bench Warmer
This was funny. Harbaugh's voicemail :D


Hi, you've reached Stanford football coach Jim Harbaugh.

I'm not here right now, or maybe I'm on the other line. If I'm not here, I'm probably somewhere talking about how we beat USC the other night. If I'm on the other line, I'm probably talking to someone about how we beat USC the other night.
Either way, we beat USC the other night and I'm sorry I can't take your call, because I'd love to talk to you about our win over USC.

If you'd like to leave a message for me, Jim Harbaugh, coach of the USC-beating Stanford Cardinal, a message perhaps congratulating me and my team for our victory over the Trojans, press 1 now.

If you need the address of the Stanford football offices, say to send flowers, balloons or a singing telegram celebrating our win over Pete Carroll's team, press 2 now.

If you're a football coach whose team is playing USC soon and you'd like a copy of my new book titled "It's Fourth and 20, Your Quarterback Can't Hear So He Calls His Own Play (How Stanford beat USC)," press 3 now.

If you're a prominent alum, and wish to say thanks (or talk about a contract extension, raise or an old-fashioned $100 handshake), press 4 now, and you'll be re-directed to my agent.

Press 5 to say you love me.

Press 6 to say it again.

For all other calls, press 7 to be connected to someone who will be happy to talk to you about Stanford's win over USC.

Again, I appreciate your call. Go Stanford. Beat Cal -- because Stanford's already beaten USC.