R.I.P. Skip Prosser

Big loss for Wake, the ACC and the basketball world in general.
He was just the kind of coach I liked too...always deflected praise to those around him.
12th man in da house:

The two Seahawks alum from Wake Forest – second-year punter Ryan Plackemeier and rookie offensive lineman Steve Vallos were stung by the sudden death from a massive heart attack that felled Deacons head basketball coach Skip Prosser last week.

“He’s a great guy and since I’m standing on the sidelines all the time as a punter, we used to talk about a lot of things,†Plackemeier said. “It feels weird not being down there because when things like this happen, they always have a big effect on the ‘Wake family.’ He was a great guy and a great coach and it’s going to be a tough thing for everybody to get over.â€

Vallos, too, saw him in a different light.

“I’ve been so focused on coming to my first camp, I didn’t even know about it until somebody called me,†Vallos said. “Being a rookie, it felt strange not going there anyway and for something like that to happen really tells me how things have changed. I feel bad for everybody there and I just hope everybody gets through it OK.â€

:salut: Coach Prosser.