R.I.P. Coach Hoeppner

Word had been spreading over the weekend that it wasn't looking good...but I don't think anyone realized it would be this soon. He really worked hard to turn the program around. I never met the man, but I know some people that have, and had nothing but great things to say about him.
****ing sucks. Unbelievable. I knew it wasn't looking good, but so quickly ? Man.

R.I.P. to his family, players, staff and anyone who knew him. A true inspiration. :salut:
I never met him or anything but he comes on the radio station I listen to and was friends with the host. He always had fun and I enjoyed listening to him. Very sad to hear that he passed RIP Coach :salut:
Was hoping he'd renew the Purdue/IU rivalry. Really respected him and thought he would bring the team up from the bottom of the Big 10. He'll be missed.