Question for nats survivors...


Bench Warmer
are you sore as hell? Especially those that set up each day. Don't know, maybe the long drive home but I was stiff as (well, to easy so lets just say i was stiff as a board) for the first couple nights, finally feel better today.
It took me 2 days to catch up on sleep.

not really sore, but I dont get sore very easily
i was very tired and my back really hurt for two days. i got little sleep the whole trip. good thing i took monday off
feet were killing me (obviously), i was tired as hell, and i think i have an infection in my toe, ill find out monday when i see my foot doc...
I havent been able to stop to think and am dead tired mentally and physically . Have stuff here trying to get taken care of.....
From the flight in Thursday night & hanging out Friday & Saturday, I got no more than 10 hours sleep in those 3 days.

Sunday was a nice drive to Canton, but all the walking....
Monday at Cedar Point really killed me. Walking all day in the hot sun. Standing in all those lines waiting to ride some coasters. And then the flight back and that fiasco. Went back to work today. Managed pretty well.
Sleep was jacked up for the 1st day or 2 after. 4 flights in 1 wk + time change + chipper lisa waking me up every morning + standing for umpteen hours each day + little sleep + junky food explains it. Usually I can eat better and get up/move around more during my ‘regular’ business days, so nats cramped my style.

Have a bit of a funky cold/flu thing going on now (didn't have it before or at nats), so am trying to beat that. think the sleep deprivation + nasty food caught up to me. Sifting through umpteen boxes that I brought home from nats and am now listing (200+ to upload tonight and counting ha) has also caused me to ache more than usual.

Taking tomorrow off to NOT think about cards or do anything related to cards. what seemed like a good idea (buying/acquiring A LOT of cards) is now starting to seem like not so smart. Ah well, at least bowman chrome baseball got DELAYED by 1 wk so I don’t have to freak out quite as much. Of course, now chrome comes out 2 days BEFORE the Hollywood park show, so that’s not so great time wise either.