photos: FALCONS fan day


Bench Warmer
OKAY - this was an event like none other in the NFL.
2nd annual SIGN IN THE PARK.

Every player would be signing for 45 minutes starting at 4:30.
I get there at 2:00.

Here is how it supposed to go:
There are a dozen advertiser booths (like AT&T, StateFarm, etc).
You go to a booth, listen to some advertisement & get an autograph coupon).

There would be about 12 tents, each with a Falcons Star signing & 5 other players.
It got super confusing cause (#1) you didn't know which Star was signing at which booth.
(#2) No way you could go to all the booths.
(#3) In the end, the coupons didn't matter cause security was clueless.

Regardless - you got face time with at least 1 star, usually more.
After 45 minutes of signing, the paraded off to practice.
You could shout at them as the walked in the parade.

Here's the pics:


RODDY WHITE - high on my list since I lived in Birmingham


DJ SHOCKLEY - wish he was the starting quarterback


LANG CAMPBELL - QB fourth on the list


The parade with: Dwayne Blakely & Daniel Fells


RODDY again


WARRICK DUNN - he was like a rock star, bodyguard, hoochies & everything


JOE HORN - nice guy

so ... what did I get?

Joey Harrington & Joe Horn


Roddy, Jamal Anderson & Jerious Norwood


And what I really wanted - DJ "the shocker" SHOCKLEY

They were selling white-pannel FALCONS balls for $25;
so you could have picked up some real nice collectibles.

Oh yeah, and some young black singer was singing behind us ... I think MONICA was her name. I didn't pay much attention.

OKAY - thanks for reading.
I took more pics if anyone wants other people. PEACE -
Wow, awesome haul there!!! I've recently become a big D.J. Shockley fan and am pulling for him to get the starting job and quickly elevate himself to superstar status. It can happen.
That is a great day, as a Falcon fan I would have loved to had the chance to go!
Glad that you got DJ, I was hoping he could take the starting Qb spot.

I still can't belive Joey Freaking Harrington is my starting Qb ::doh: