One pack of Artifacts FB ... One really good pack of Artifacts FB!


Bench Warmer
Since i'm too poor to shell out any more money to open a box, I decided to open one pack tonight. It happened to be a really nice pack! In a four card pack, I found 2 cards:

Eli Manning base

and this


Chad Pennington Triple Jersey Patch with NFL shield tag #15/15! :cheers:
Sweet pull!!!

So do you sell just by the pack as well as by the box??
I normally only sell by the box, but 2 weeks ago I set up at a mall show and opened a bunch of boxes to pack out... For the most part, they've just been sitting there at the show. Most people only buy boxes from me. I was just doing my inventory tonight and the bug got me and I decided to open one.
very nice i just got mine of drew in yesterday and it's a way thicker card than i thought

very nice stuff there, couldn't be a better pull
Great pull out of one pack. I think the artifacts from upper deck is the first time they used the laundry tags. I can't remember them doing it prior to this year. None the less awesome pull from one pack :clap:
Sweet ! I'm sure it's been said before but I missed it maybe. Those things kinda look like a cross between UC & Exq to me.