Break Complete! 2023-24 OPC Blaster, 2022-23 UD S1 Retail, 2021-22 UD Artifacts Hobby Hockey TWO Random Teams Style Group Break

appreciate the puckhead breaks.
also thoroughly enjoy the butchering of names! thatā€™s me šŸ’Æ trying to pronounce names from every other sport outside of hackey.
itā€™s a pass from me only cuz 23-24 S2 has already shipped! bring on the 5,000 bedard rooks!
Awesome break! The Bedard killed it. Great box of Artifacts with the Crosby Aurum, and Toffolis. Nice Rossi and Dostal YG in UD. That was a really good break, wish they all were like that. :) Thanks for breaking!