***Complete - Hits Posted**** 2023 Bowman Platinum (2) Monster Box Break - $25 Pick 1/Get 1, $20 for additional teams


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20231025_114103.jpgBreak will run live Wednesday 10/25 at 11:00AM CST. https://youtube.com/live/kfS_PycWDT0?feature=share

Here is the link for the 2nd team randomizer running 10/23/23 10am CST https://youtube.com/live/OPohO2sY8Og?feature=share

2023 Bowman Platinum (2) Monster Box Break - $25 Pick 1/Get 1, $20 for additional teams

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Hunt 4 Autos of current players and prospects and foilboard parallels and inserts in 2023 Bowman Platinum monster boxes! $25 shipping included, gets your first choice of team, plus 1 random team. Additional teams can be purchased for $20. Teams can be traded after randomization. This is a pre-fill, so I will request payments and order the boxes once the break has been filled.

What to expect in a monster box:
  • Cards per pack: 5
  • Packs per box: 20
  • 100 cards per box (200 total in break)
  • Set size: 200 cards
  • Release date: October 13th 2023
  • Autographs – 2 (4 total)
1. Orioles - Kpit1978 (SCC)
2. Braves - Calsp3 (SCC)
3. Diamondbacks - Robert Topping (FB)
4. Guardians - Kevin Beck (FB)
5. Cardinals - Jeff Hamlett (FB)
6. Royals - Chad Bosley (FB)
7. Angels - Jim Stempien James (FB)
8. Dodgers - Jim Stempien James (FB)
9. Mets - metsfan04 - (X)
10. Yankees- kpit1978 (scc)
11. Reds - Calsp3 (scc)
12. Brewers - Brian
13. Nationals - Brian
14. Rangers - Brian
15. Twins - Brian

I will request payments once the break has filled. There’s a chance this sells out before we can fill the order, in which case we’ll have to cancel the break, but I’ll make sure I can order boxes or get them at Walmart before requesting payments!

Please add $1 for goods and services payments

Cardboard Connection: “Focusing on top rookies and prospects, 2023 Bowman Platinum Baseball keeps the annual MLB tradition alive with another round of foil cards. Forming the bulk of the 2023 Bowman Platinum Baseball checklist, fans can find 102 veterans and rookies in the base set and another 98 players in the Top Prospects set. The foilboard parallels expand, adding new Pink Ice Foil (#/199) versions to the selection. Low-numbered Orange (#/25) parallels are only in the Monster Box format. Blaster boxes should yield four exclusive Ice Pattern Foil parallels. In addition, be on the lookout for limited Image Variations. Getting to the inserts, 2023 Bowman Platinum Baseball offers a fresh batch of Platinum Plating Die-Cuts, Precious Elements (1:5 packs) and Renowned Rookies (1:5 packs) cards. Falling twice per Monster Box, autographs appear in several forms across the 2023 Bowman Platinum Baseball lineup. This includes the Top Prospects Autographs series with several parallels. In addition, many of the inserts supply serial-numbered autographed versions, such as New Money Autographs (#/50), Platinum Plating Die-Cut Autographs (#/99), Precious Elements Autographs (#/50), Renowned Rookies Autographs (#/99 or #/50), and Treasures in the Vault Autographs (#/50). Memorabilia cards are among the rarest choices and 2023 Bowman Platinum Baseball has a few to track down, including Platinum Pieces Auto Relics (#/99). The ultra-rare Platinum Patches (#/5) and Platinum Pairings Patch Relics (#/5) inserts add one-of-one autographs.”


**The nitty gritty: Autographed and Serial #’d cards only will be toploaded in the break video. Colored parallels and inserts will be, at minimum, penny sleeved after the break concludes. Select base cards such as those of hot prospects, rookies, or stars will be penny sleeved and/or toploaded at FountainTown’s discretion or the mutually agreed upon request of the break participant. Combo cards or non sports cards will be randomized at the end of the break. Players in college uniforms with no professional team name on the card will go to whichever team they were drafted by or randomized if undrafted. Please allow up to 5 business days after the break concludes for product shipment. If participants are in multiple breaks with FountainTown we may combine shipping with other breaks. All shipments will be placed in teams bags within bubble mailers or boxes and shipped via USPS Ground Advantage or UPS, unless otherwise notified
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