Complete Hits Posted *** 2023 Topps Chrome Update Break - One Jumbo Hobby - Pick 1 Team - Get 2


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Here’s the hits and some of the nice refractors and inserts from our 2023 Topps Chrome Update break #4 featuring 1 jumbo hobby box.

Our autos were a Levi Soudt purple refractor /250, Michael Massey refractor /499, and a Garrett Hill base on card auto. We hit a nice All Star Game Gold refractor to /50 of Jonah Heim and a one in three jumbo box negative refractor of Brandon Pfaadt.

Congrats to bdink25 for winning the 2023 Chrome pack giveaway!

Thanks all who participated!

Take care and Happy Holidays!


Here is the link to the break video scheduled for 11AM CST Friday 12/22.

2023 Topps Chrome Update Break - One Jumbo Hobby - Pick 1 Team - Get 2 Random Teams -$35 - Bonus 2023 Topps Chrome Pack Giveaway

Happy Holidays! I’m seeing if anyone is interested in filling a 1 Jumbo Hobby box break of 2023 Topps Chrome Update. $35 includes shipping and your first team pick, plus 2 random teams. Additional teams available for $30. The box is in hand and the estimated break date would be 12/22 if it fills by then.

BONUS GIVEAWAY - Everyone will be entered to win one 2023 Topps Chrome Pack given away at the end of the break video. Hopefully the winners can land an MVP buyback!

Remaining teams will be randomized after the break fills. You're welcome to trade your random teams before the break. Randomization videos and live breaks are streamed on our YouTube channel, with the link to the break video provided at least 24 hours in advance.

Here is info about the product:

Here is the odds sheet from Topps:

What to expect in the break:​

  • 1 Jumbo Hobby Box of 2023 Topps Chrome Update
  • Cards per pack: Hobby Jumbo – 13
  • Packs per box: Hobby Jumbo – 12
  • Total cards: 156
  • Autographs – 3
  • Refractors – 12
  • 1 2023 Topps Chrome pack giveaway
1. Orioles - Kpit1978
2. Diamondbacks - bobbyd9179
3. Angels - bdink25
4. Braves - AndyDrummond
5. Cardinals - peaceandlove
6. Yankees - bdink25 (Mark)
7. Red Sox - ThePokster (reddit)
8. Mariners - Noah Knodle (facebook)
9. Rangers - ThePokster (reddit)
10. Mets - Brian

I will set up payment requests after the break fills.

***Base cards with more than one team will be given to the team on the left of the card, top if aligned vertically, or top left if there are four teams arranged in a square. Auto, numbered, or short print cards with more than one team will be randomized at the end of the break video.20231204_171226 (1).jpg
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Hey guys, thanks for grabbing spots in this one. I can throw it another platform to fill it up next week if needed, but wanted to give y'all first crack at it
Rangers are off the board. Last call on this one, I'll close and take the remaining spot if still open at 5pm cst so we can move forward with 2nd team assignment and getting the break setup for Friday.
I'm going to take the Mets in this one and close this one out. I'll get the random team assignment setup for sometime tomorrow. Break time will be 10AM CST Friday the 22nd. I'll send a link out tomorrow. Thanks all!
@bdink25 @Bobbyd9179 @AndyDrummond @peaceandlove @kpit1978

Here is the 2nd team list, you're welcome to try and trade teams up to an hour before the break. Let me know who's up for trade and I'll post to the other platforms.

Noah Knodle Minnesota Twins
FountainTown Brian Miami Marlins
Kpit1978 Cincinnati Reds
bdink25 Chicago Cubs
bdink25 Tampa Bay Rays
FountainTown Brian San Francisco Giants
bobbyd9179 Chicago White Sox
bobbyd9179 Oakland Athletics
ThePokster Detroit Tigers
Noah Knodle Pittsburgh Pirates
bdink25 Milwaukee Brewers
peaceandlove Toronto Blue Jays
AndyDrummond Houston Astros
ThePokster Colorado Rockies
peaceandlove Philadelphia Phillies
bdink25 Washington Nationals
ThePokster Los Angeles Dodgers
ThePokster Cleveland Guardians
AndyDrummond Kansas City Royals
Kpit1978 San Diego Padres