***Complete - Hits Posted**** 2023 Bowman Platinum (2) Monster Box Break - $25 Pick 1/Get 1, $20 for additional teams

When do you plan on randomizing the remaining teams? Thanks.
Hey, still collecting payments from folks on other platforms. I'm out of town this weekend so If I can collect most of the funds today, I'll run it tommorow, otherwise probably Monday.
The boxes shipped from Topps yesterday. I'm headed out of town today (Friday). I'll run the random Monday at 10am. And look to break midweek when the boxes get here. Thank you!
Here is the 2nd team list. Let me know if you want to trade any and I'll post across the platforms.

kpit1978 (scc)Philadelphia Phillies
Calsp3 (SCC)Oakland Athletics
Kpit1978 (scc)Chicago White Sox
BrianTampa Bay Rays
BrianSan Diego Padres
BrianChicago Cubs
Jeff Hamlett (FB)Seattle Mariners
BrianPittsburgh Pirates
Calsp3 (scc)Houston Astros (trade)
metsfan04 (X)Colorado Rockies (trade)
Chad Bosley (FB)Detroit Tigers
Kevin Beck (FB)Miami Marlins
Robert Topping (FB)Toronto Blue Jays
Jim Stempien James (FB)San Francisco Giants
Jim Stempien James (FB)Boston Red Sox
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metsfan04 has the Astros up for trade. Looking for Cubs, Giants, Rockies. I'll trade him Cubs, if Giants or Rocks aren't available.