New EBAY Store: "Store by JoJo" will sell you the HOTTEST cards


Bench Warmer
I wanted to publicize the opening of my friend and I's new eBAY store so here it is (^_^),

"Store by JoJo" is a seller of sports memorabilia for all different sports. We post all auctions at or below beckett book value in order to assure our customers are receiving a competitive price. Please stop by our store and see if we can fulfill any of your card wishes:

eBay Store - Store by JoJo: Individual Cards

Check out my ME page or my page on - Its JoJo !!!!! - 25 - Male - Tokyo, Tokyo -

Get to know more about me (^_^) ... I want to be personable with my customers and let them know who JoJo is and what he is about ... I became a sports nut due to a recent fantasy football/basketball/baseball addiction that has taken over a large chunk of hours from my life hehehe ... so when I recently moved from Japan back here to America and met my friend who loves sports and collecting he told me he wanted to run a store one day ... I told him I ran an eBAY store called BnJ4TheWin before, but I had to move on from that account because it's my ex-wife's login and I gave her that logon (With the feedback !!!!) (-_-) ... but hey, that's life and JoJo is back on the map now with a card shop !!!!! Anyways, get with your boy and I will definitely enjoy doing business with you all ...

Thanks for your time in reading my little posting ... take it easy people !!!
This guy had one of these threads in each various forums. I moved two here, and the 3rd to the card sites area. I don't think we need to see three of these spamming his site do we?