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So my wife is freaking out on me because her account has been locked and when she called the bank he told her it was due to a bank account being linked to our card that has a fraudulent return so the second she heard this return she linked it to eBay now off somehow lm the blame. First of all we don't have anything linked to our card I use a prepaid credit card I load up so people on eBay can't use it well she loaded it and now it's frozen but soon as she heard return well that means eBay now I let eBay do all my returns I don't deal with the seller I open a case and let eBay decide if I'm getting a refund or not so I don't understand how this could be eBay if there's a fraudulent return and it's linked to a bank account that we never linked to but I'm wondering if anybody else has had issues with eBay like this cuz this doesn't make sense that it's eBay to me something else is going on because it all happened within a 2 hour span we use the card at the store and then 2 hours later it was frozen