Must Send First Restrictions


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When this post was created we had a policy in which all newly registered members were automatically placed on MSF until they completed a minimum of 10 transactions.

Since then we have decided that it is unfair for new members to be "punished" for registering on the site. That said, all new members will be treated as equals, in regards to their ability to participate in all aspects of this site.

We do, however, ask that all members please do your own research on your trading partner(s), and make sure you are absolutely certain before creating, or confirming, any transactions. Also remember, if a deal seems "too good to be true", it probably is.
I just wanted to let everyone know that our policy on MSF for newly registered members has changed. Please review the first post in this thread.
So no MSF?

Not until there's reason for someone to be placed on that restriction, no. However, please remember that it is up to you all to make sure you research your trading partners and only enter into a transaction with people whom you feel like you can trust. If you don't feel comfortable with someone, ask them to send first. If they choose not to, simply deny the transaction.
I honestly think this is a great change. While I definitely understand the spirit behind MSF, it also can server to discourage people from being active on the site. I know this first hand because I was introduced to another site (that shall remain nameless) a few weeks ago and once I started reading through all of the policies, procedures and methods to get off of MSF status, it was too overwhelming to deal with and I left.

I think the idea of the buyer and seller both being aware of any potential risks and taking steps to prevent bad experiences is something we can educate ourselves about but for a site to mandate it might be a step too far.

Glad to see you guys are trying to make this a welcoming site while also keeping an eye out for the bad seeds.