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Last week I started work on the latest version of our Transaction Manager. With it, there will be quite a few changes that will be made. These changes won't go into effect for a few days/weeks, but I wanted to outline the major changes you can look forward to.

Here are the most notable changes that you'll see once the new Transaction Manager is installed.

  • Addresses will be required to use the Transaction Manager. I've already added a profile field where you can enter your address in the account details page in case you want to get a head start on that. Don't worry, your address will only be visible to staff and members that you have a confirmed transaction with. There's also a field for entering your PayPal address, which will only be visible to staff and in confirmed transactions where you are the seller.
  • New members, members with less than 20 feedback score, and members with less than 85% positive feedback rating will have a "Must Send First" restriction. We will be accepting feedback transfers for the purpose of bypassing that restriction. More details about that will be posted later.
  • You will be able to mark transactions as sent when you mail, as well as provide a tracking number which will be shown on the transaction overview page.
  • There will be a comment section included with each transaction so that members can discuss transaction details and have it documented with the transaction. For example, if adding/removing cards after the transaction has been posted. Rather than cancelling and creating a new one, both members can agree to the changes in the comments.
  • The default transactions page will only show pending/confirmed transactions. Transactions that are complete or cancelled will be hidden. However, there will be filters that will let you show those as well.
  • Speaking of filters, we'll have filters so you can look at your transactions by trade, sale, or freebie. We'll also allow searching your own transactions by transaction partner.
  • Did I just say freebie? Yes! You will be able to create a transaction with someone if you're sending them a freebie. You won't be able to receive feedback for freebies. It's more for documenting purposes.
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Just as an update, this thing is nearly complete! The entire front end is working, at least as far as I can tell from my testing. There may be a few little tweaks still left that I need to make here and there but we'll find those as we go along. Tonight I'll start working on a converter to convert all the current transactions over to the new format. The goal is to have this ready to go by the weekend and, barring any major issues I may find, I don't see that being an impossible goal. We very well could have this thing up and running within the next several days.

There have been a few changes from the original post, so I wanted to outline those here.

  • The MSF restriction will only apply to trades. Since we only recommend paying via PayPal goods, and they do a pretty good job of protecting the buyer, it's not necessary to have a seller send first.
  • Along with that, sales will also not count towards getting yourself removed from MSF restriction as a new member. Only trades will count towards that. However, instead of having to reach 20 transactions, you will now only need 15 trades.
  • We will be accepting feedback transfer requests from the following sites as a way to bypass the MSF rule for new members:
    • TCC (Trading Card Central)
    • SCF (Sports Card Forum)
    • Bench (The Bench Trading)
  • You must have a minimum of 100 feedback, with 100% positive, in order to qualify for a feedback transfer.