TCZ's #1 Manningham collector
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There are actually a few things I would like to say thanks to Mike for.

#1. I recieved a package yesterday from Mike with my winnings from TCZ's first contest/giveaway. Inside the package was a 2009 Donruss Classics Reggie White GU'ed #/250 and a 2010 R & S Longevity Dez Bryant GU'ed #/249 (as soon as I get my new scanner I will post some pics).

#2. Great job on the break last night, it was a good video to watch and some nice pulls came out.

#3. And last but not least, thanks for the great community called Trading Card Zone, this is by far one of the best sites that I have ever been a part of.
Glad you finally got that package Ken. I looked at the DC last week and noticed that it was "missent" on the 31st. I wasn't sure what that meant, and was just hoping they'd get it straightened out. Also, glad you enjoy the site, but it's really been the members (including you) who have made it fun.
Mike?.. Mike.. hmmm.. do I know a Mike??..

Oh, THAT Mike.. ah, ok :LOL:

Seriously now, Mike is cool dude. And he doesnt like to hear it, but TCZ is all his fault, and I mean that in the best way possible :)

Sounds like a sweet package Ken :cool: