Ebay/Post Office Shipping Issues


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Any input would be appreciated. I purchased quite a few items on Ebay recently. So I wasn't really paying attention to what I received and what I bought. On Monday, I got home from work and my son and I opened up the mail from the day - some trades and some Ebay purchases around 5:00 - 5:30. Then we went on with our day. Then at 9:00 I received a notification that 2017 Bowman's Best Monochrome Autograph #'d 125 was delivered. I thought....I don't remember seeing that card. So I went back and thumb through the cards and it wasn't there. It was odd because the notification came hours after the mail came.

This happened one other time and the mailed package actually came two days later...odd but it happened. When I track the package it says delivered. I then went back and through my ebay purchases and left feedback and realized one other card I bought a 2018 Bowman's Best Christian Pache #'d 100 says delivered on October 28, but I did not ever recieve it....I went through my cards and wantlists and I did not cross it off.

This is two cards that I paid for that the PO says were delivered, but they were not.

Any thoughts?
I don't worry until about the 3rd day. It happens quite often (maybe 5% of all tracked trades/purchases) to me that an envelope is marked delivered and shows up 1-2 days later. This is especially true if it is marked delivered at an odd hour. I have even had one or two that were marked delivered and actually showed up 2-3 weeks later after I had written them off as lost. I don't know if they were misdelivered and a neighbor finally got around to dropping it off to me or who knows.

I have had one I sent to a reliable trader which was marked delivered and he never got it. He filed a report but it never did show up. I hope yours reach you.
Thanks...I had it happen once too. I just double-checked my ebay and there are actually 3 cards missing. Two claimed to be delivered on Thursday and one on Monday. So we are getting close to a week.

Depending on what the shipping Rate was, there may be insurance, you will hopefully be able to get refunded if they never show. Frustrating to say the least!
I had one show it was delivered 2 hrs after being scanned in Atlanta. Since I live about 12 hrs from there, I knew there was no way it could have been delivered. It never came either.
Are they the Ebay standard tracking #'s? That happens pretty frequently to me as well, it gets marked delivered at the last major hub it goes through and then doesn't show up for several days or more.
Yes....its not like certified/registered/priority mail....Its the Ebay mailing. Luckily all three of the "missing" cards showed up on Wednesday.

I guess I jumped the gun. But it is wierd. It took 6 days for two of them and 3 days for the other one.

Thanks for the input.