CONTEST IS,OVER! THEDAWS WINS IT! September First Half Contest!

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I will take #4

Nice picture!

Thanks so much my friend! Thought this would look nice in someone's collection! Appreciate you saying, best of luck!


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Hey friend, sorry, 22 was already taken, but since 24 is in your username, and had not been chosen yet, I put you down for 24! Since its random, the number itself doesn't matter as much as your number of guesses, so if there are any spots left tomorrow, feel free to take another guess!


5 spots left! One guess per member per day!

The 1960 World Series was before my time, but I do love the great Yankees teams of the 50s and 60s, Mickey, Roger, Moose, Hank, Yogi, many HOFers and greats of the era! 1960 was unusual since the Dodgers had left Brooklyn, and for so many years in the 50s, the road to the NL Pennant always had to go through Brooklyn it seemed like! Some truly great all time players on those awesome Dodger teams too! Gil, Campy, Jackie, PeeWee, and so many others! The Pirates that year had Roberto Clemente and Maz, as well as some greats of the era in Dick Groat, Dick Schofield, and one Clem Labine who pitched for Brooklyn for years as well!

Interesting fact: Casey Stengel is best known for managing the Yankees to so many WS championships, but he played for the Dodgers early in his career!
OK, all 30 guesses are in for this cool photo!

Got the spinning wheel ready to roll, here we go!!

Spin #1:

Spin #2:

Spin #3:

And it's @thedaws for the win! Congrats friend! Item posted, and in two weeks, everyone get ready for another fun contest!


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